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Like most idiots I have a short attention span. When I sit down to write an alarm goes off in my head and I suddenly become extremely productive at literally anything else. Some could even argue that spending 30 minutes on all fours howling with mums dog is anti-productive. When I sit down to write I have clarity and focus. Then the moment I open up this laptop, I have a sudden urge to howl or even make a coffee. It must be my brains defence mechanism against self reflection. Who on earth wants to create inner turmoil when there are fridge magnets to be fucked with.


The whole process of writing brings out a self-consciousness that makes it too uncomfortable to think creatively or even read back what I've written. Whatever I planned to write has long since been replaced in my head. So from now on, I'll just write what it's been replaced by. The next time I go to write something with a purpose and I inevitably become distracted. I will open this doc you're reading now and start typing out a new paragraph. Or at least that is what I assume the format will look like. The only promise I can really make is that it will, in all likelihood, make absolutely no sense.

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